Monday, February 11, 2008


Are you one of the ones we have been waiting for? When we save humanity, save the world, and create peace on the planet, I am convinced the method will be surprisingly unconventional. Would you agree that the methods for destroying it are surprisingly unconventional? Terrorism? Chemical weapons? Nukes? Suicide bombers? Global Climate change? And do these things sound like the products of rational minds, rational actions?

The twentieth century fostered a collective consciousness born of fear and limitation. The perpetual threat and cold war caused us to ask not “how can we create a lasting global peace?” but rather: “how can we extend our survival, and for how long?” Feel the difference?

There is an energy field that is formed when living in a particular space and repetition and reinforcement anchors that energy field into reality. It then develops a resonance and is felt by all within its field and its harmonics. That field creates an attractor field that draws matching resonance to itself. Violence begets violence, war begets war. (If you don’t believe in resonance and attractor fields in a space, walk into a room where someone has just been violent or a fight has taken place and check what your body feels and what it wants to do.)

Peace doesn’t come out of mutually assured threat or destruction, abeyance does. The cold war held “war” in abeyance. When your psyche explores the idea of abeyance born of mutually assured destruction, what happens to your body? Does it relax? Does it tighten up? Pay attention to your breath, what is it doing?

What if the idea of mutually shared stewardship (humans being stewards of, and sponsors for the sanctity of all life on the planet) was the current paradigm in collective consciousness? If you knew that in every mind was the idea “this is my planet, my home; all things and beings on the planet are precious to me. It is my responsibility to feel and act out of respect for all life and beings on my planet.” If you imagine that world, now what happens to your body? Tense or relaxed? What happens to your breath?

So the mechanism for knowing is already within you and your body has the knowledge. It knows individually and we know collectively what is best for us and for the planet. Now how to create a collective consciousness or a change in collective consciousness? Create critical mass, a tipping point. Critical mass occurs when a movement has gained so much forward momentum that there is no stopping it and change becomes inevitable. Creating critical mass is easier than it looks. Consider linguistics, for example—how long did it take words “like” or “cool” or “awesome” to morph into forms barely related to their originals? Or to change “I’m up for that” to “I’m down with that?” It appears repetition and referral might do it. In some cases a single use or event has the potential to change all old programming instantly. Does “shock and awe” mean the same to you now as it used to? Invent some new words or phrases or change the meaning and voila, a new culture!

Another shift that has to happen is beginning to not see “other.” Historically we humans have focused on our differences. We made a game of making someone “other.” And if someone is other, there is less empathy and compassion because of the artificial separation created between me and “other.” Narcissism, anthropocentrism and superiority thrive in a culture of “other.” Is that "other" making hardwired? Apparently not if you observe what happens in most critical circumstances where people unite in a tragedy. People usually rally in favor of the human spirit. What if we habitually looked at how alike we are?

I know whereof I speak because I grew up fearing and seeing Russians as “other,” yet fifteen years into my international sister city work; I embraced them (literally) as friends. Ideologies and beliefs had the potential to destroy a planet! People wouldn’t! So it is possible that ideas and beliefs can rescue humanity. But it’s the twenty first century now and time to go beyond just rescue and work toward evolving the spirit of humanity.

Margaret Mead said, accurately, “A handful of dedicated people can change the world.” I know it works because a handful of us did it. We worked toward decommissioning weapons of mass destruction in Russia at a time when Americans didn’t go to Russia. It was also a powerful symbolic dismantling of hatred and fear. There is a key and secret in the venue of creation and manifestation—whatever we tend to keep in our minds (ideas) becomes manifest materially in our world. Create and hate an enemy and you will create a need to build things like weapons to destroy them. We have to manipulate matter and atoms and physically manifest things that are extensions of the mind to employ our ideas in the world. We dismantle destructive ideas by giving people ways to stay in their hearts, not in their heads, and foster stewardship and responsibility for what is created between and among peoples. Head to head can destroy a planet, heart to heart will save it, soul to soul will create miracles.

There is a new movement afoot. It is a movement to "make soul" on the planet. Soul making involves presenting ways for humans and humanity to aspire to a higher and more worthy incarnation of itself. We are about filled up on the diet of fear. We are fatigued with violence. We are insisting on green products and green methods. We are fed up with pollution, deforestation, abusive power, jealousy, and hatred. We are sick to death of terrorism as a means of influencing and trying to force something upon us. By having darkness of the human spirit demonstrated to us on this planet so boldly, we are learning that we want to create better. And we are becoming something else. What is the next step? Developing like mindedness and stewardship for all life and affairs on the planet. How to do that? Through personal growth—growing the soul, if you will.There are those people who have showed up on the planet from time to time who are obvious change agents. The Buddhists might call them bodhisattvas—enlightened or wisdom beings. There were great masters who lived among us, some of them saints and saviors of antiquity.

Do you think the way-showers stopped coming at some point in the past? There have always been those who come and they are here now as modern day masters and bodhisattvas who live among us this very moment. Some of them know they are messengers and some of them demonstrate the wisdom but may not know they are. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced Eastern spirituality and meditation to the West and changed an entire culture. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Gorbachev, the Beatles, Michael Jackson and others spring to mind as global change agents but there are other bodhisattvas or messengers—Mattie Stepanek, a boy who wrote poetry about peace, Samantha Smith, a schoolgirl who wrote an appeal to Gorbachev to end the cold war, Matthew Shepherd’s mother, who lost her son to a hate crime, for example. These were ordinary people who had a message and arose to an invitation or calling to share it.

And what about you and me? There is a new breed of human about the planet and about the business of change and evolution. There are ones who are here to take us from darkening of the human spirit to lightening of it. The Hopi have said “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” That, I believe, is a great truth. And I don’t think we have to wait any longer. There are messengers on this planet. They look like ordinary people and in many cases are ordinary people who have messages to share with the rest of us. We (yes you and I) may even be one of them!

There is information, offered by many, that can inspire us to aspire to a higher incarnation of ourselves. These messengers have ideas. They teach classes. They inspire others. They are healers. They hold seminars and workshops and experiential weekends and they provide opportunities for us to heal nourish and grow our souls so that collectively we become a race of humans who are higher incarnations of humanity. When there are enough of us on the planet who are higher incarnations of the human, there will be no more darkness because our light collectively will not permit it. You can’t flood darkness into a room that is lit but you can open the door to light in order for it to overtake and expel the darkness.

There are implications when something expands exponentially or reaches critical mass and there are theorems, laws, harmonics and theories to prove that something can affect mass consciousness once introduced into a world. It appears to be a matter of frequency and fields and the resonance created from acts of ritual and light making. (Light making as bringing to light, pointing to, or lifting up something in order to create critical mass and a resonance field toward the goal of soul making, healing, enlightenment and peace within and with humanity and the planet.)

There are messengers here now to help us do that. They are out there and there, and like the “Cultural Creatives” they recognize each other, find each other and find consumers for their messages but they do not necessarily know that they are part of a greater movement. Their messages are about the business of healing, inspiring and fostering soul—an individual soul, soul to soul, and the soul of the planet. Do you suppose if we heal the soul of the individual we could heal the soul of the human race, and perhaps the soul of the planet?

We are cosmic beings; we are the link between the human and the Divine. We carry the remembrances, the blueprint, the codes, the hope for future races and times. Our horizons are not bound by only the seen world and the physical, we are emissaries of the sacredness of life, having yet to discover ourselves. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for. We are the bringers of the new golden dawn. We are the only ones who can change our structure from the supreme rein of capital, commerce, logic, divisiveness and one dimensional living to the recognition of inclusion, a global society based on mutual respect, consideration and humanity that recognizes and reveres the interconnected web of life.

The way of the soul is where dialogue replaces war and compassion replaces indifference, the circle of inclusion and equanimity replaces the hierarchical structures and self is recognized as the seat of the soul, the planet is recognized as its expression and the affairs of humans carries a new and more worthy message.

Do you know the way of the soul? Do you walk that path? Do you change the world? How? Are you a messenger? Are you one of the ones we have been waiting for? Then what are YOU waiting for?

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A few Thoughts...

When I think about it, my own life is no less rich and the living no less inspiring than my pioneering ancestors and I come from a long line of Indians and outlaws so don't ever turn your back on me!

Life is, after all, a slice of human consciousness lived from its place in human evolution. "From here to eternity" as it were-- from earth to the stars, from personal space to cyberspace, from a small local footprint to the world reduced to the size of a notebook and sitting on your lap!

As a child I lived with the perpetual and immenent threat of annihilation. That's child abuse! It wasn't a kid-friendly world and I couldn't understand why the grown-ups who were in charge weren't doing something?

So at age seven with my face in the window eyes turned up into the night sky and staring at the stars I made a vow: "When I am a grown-up, I will do something."

My writing is that something and I write to "simply change the world." If that sounds like a lack of humility it isn't because I know that one person absolutely can change the world and I've met some who have.

Kay Kennedy put together an anthology that puts the reader in the midst of history to view it from the inside out.

When I was in high school and even college, history classes were stale and boring featuring memorization and regurgitation of dates that coincided with events that had no human face, certainly no magic, and no life!

Anthologies are great fun and stores are rich remembrances. History books chronicle; stories are little narrative slices of living. History comes alive through story. I often think of my grandmother and her story, her life-- the history she lived. In her lifetime she saw humankind evolve from horse and buggy to man on the moon.

I was a sixties kid and for the youth of the sixties, turmoil, disillusionment, and revolution were everyday 'business as usual'. Like a radio perpetually on low volume, fear and death dronned on in the background. The superpowers threatened to extinguish all life on the planet, the Vietnam War was escalating and peers were being escorted home under American Flag blankets. The civil rights and equal rights movements were testing human civility, and faster than one could recover from one shock another real life hero would fall to yet another assassin. Despair was commonplace. Contrast that with a man on the moon... we could conquer space travel but couldn't make nukes or war obsolete! It was a time when youth needed hope because hope was scarce. When it was finally resurrected, it came in the form of idealism and a philosophy of brotherly and universal love. Perfect principles; imperfect execution.

For others who contributed to "Looking Back," the history is different for each because the "times" were different as well as the perspective of the individuals. The stories of human societal evolution are enlightening, heartwarming, poignant and spellbinding. They put a human face on the past.

And there are people now who are putting a face on the future...